Building connections to build a better world.


In Radicle's 2018 issue, we are asking questions, sharing insights and exploring the beauty and ingenuity of our world by focusing in on connection: connections to ourselves, to each other, and to the environment around us. 

This issue features stories of artists, entrepreneurs and everyday, ordinary people working to make meaningful connections with their communities and the environment, one imperfect person to another.

Hearing these stories has inspired and empowered us. We hope they will inspire and empower you, too. 


Best Friend stranger family

Patagonia designer Geoffrey Holstad embraces nature with wide open, wool-sweatered arms.

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CHANGED Perceptions

Kailyn Hooley discovers her purpose as an artist with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Rewarding good deeds

Kate Baker explores how we can harness new technologies for social innovation.

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An urban campsyte

Communing through nature in a man-made mecca, with Campsyte and Amber Marsh.

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All Aboard

Skye Morét gets a letter from the sea that reconnects her to her current work.

Feel the fresh air

Clothing And Meaning

Ophir El-Boher explains why she mended her shirt with her own hair.

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choosing my self

After 29 years of choosing others, Meron Medhanie asks, "If you like that me, will you like this me?"

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What do you need?

A team of designers grapples with waste and value in our disposable times.

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Designing to disconnect

Andrew Mears explores how we can put down our phones and reconnect with the world around us.

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Life of Foreigners

David Richie encourages us to embrace difference in an interconnected world.

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Trash Art

Creating art from trash can create conversations about sustainability and hidden truths.

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Art we love

Our favorite works submitted by local artists to the Radicle magazine open call.

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