Lauren Prado:
Cop or Drop?

“My aim is to critically investigate the alliance between consumer and product. I focus on the bond between the digital images of ‘glorified’ items that flood our social media ‘feeds’ and how these images convince viewers to want and desire said products, while also fangirling about the items being sold.”


Devyn Park:
When I'm Dead I Hope They Build Me a Tomb so I Can Take All My Shit With Me

“I use toys and other knick-knacks found at Goodwill to discuss the idea of forgotten or discarded memories. This series of multi-process prints and found object sculptures asks: how does consumerism affects us psychologically and environmentally?”


Heather Coleman and Lauren Goding:
Hidden Traces

“We see this piece as a homage to the small details and immense discoveries that live just beyond the rush of everyday life. When we, as humans, take time to be curious, to be open to new discoveries without being distracted by ‘life’ as we usually live it, we can become much more deeply connected with the world around us as well as those we share experiences with. It slows us down. It allows us to unplug, observe, and appreciate the intricacies of the world.”


Amanda Kravitz:
Gold Painting

“This piece is comprised of found objects that were picked from the streets of downtown Portland. The material is painted in metallic gold, framed and hung on the wall. The piece is a commentary on value systems, and it elevates the value of trash, viewing it as something precious that should not be discarded.”