Issue One: Community in a Time of Conflict

Our inaugural issue of Radicle, formerly Blight Magazine, has a theme of Community in a Time of Conflict. How do we not only survive, but thrive in a divisive society? In this issue we look at community efforts in Portland and Cuba, share stories of personal belonging and survivorship, and continue forward through self-care and healing.

In this time of political strife in our own country and abroad, it is crucial for us to look among ourselves for support and healing. As a team of white, cis female graduate students creating this issue, we recognize the safety and privilege of being able to reflect on what is happening with very little fear for our own selves.

As we look to the future, how do we balance our personal needs with greater efforts of understanding. As James Baldwin said in his essay “Mass Culture and the Creative Artist: Some Personal Notes”:

“I feel very strongly, though, that this amorphous people are in desperate search for something which will help them to re-establish their connection with themselves, and with one another. This can only begin to happen as the truth begins to be told. We are in the middle of an immense metamorphosis here, a metamorphosis which will, it is devoutly to be hoped, rob us of our myths and give us our history, which will destroy our attitudes and give us back our personalities. The mass culture, in the meantime, can only reflect our chaos: and perhaps we had better remember that this chaos contains life—and a great transforming energy.”

We hope you will bring your own voice to the conversation. Send us a note at and share your story of community, conflict, and coping.