Welcome to the Internet

A place where everyone can hang out, explore, & discover new things.

Text & Illustration by Victoria Wells

Welcome to the Internet! This map is your guide to the World Wide Web. Now, where you visit is crucial because you've got everybody there. You've got your Networking Professionals, Gamers, Netflixers, Weirdos, Trolls, Noobs, Robots, Wannabe Photographers, Hoarders, Hackers, Lonely People, Spies, Memes, and Bloggers. Beware of Clickbait, the Feds, and Identity Thieves.

Feel free to explore the vast expanse that is our beloved Interweb. No matter what you're interested in, you're sure to find someone else in this twisted park who shares your passion. Tread carefully, and always delete your browser history.